She’s Awesome

This song was written from scratch in December 2015 using an expanded version of Songs By You‘s facilitated songwriting process. It was written as a Christmas present for Mary’s niece Catherine Grace, starting only with “You’re awesome” as the topic. Learn more about how Songs By You are made with Appreciative Inquiry fostering collaborative creativity. Video, lyrics and credits below!

Music and lyrics by Mary with Mark S. Meritt (facilitator)

The original performance was by members of The Mop & Bucket Co. and Mark on December 29, 2015.


There’s this awesome twelve-year-old in Saratoga.
You would love her if you ever got to know her.
The reasons why she’s awesome we could just keep counting.
You think you’ve got them all, but no, they just keep mounting.

Her family, friends and teachers call her Catherine Grace
And when she’s in a room she just lights up the place.
She’s charming and she’s fancy and a lot of fun.
Any day you spend with her’s your favorite one.

When she was just a peanut she’d wake up and say,
“Hey, Daddy, can we go some places today?”
She always got a fun-filled list of things she’d like to do.
She’s awesome ‘cause she’s joyful and she’ll make you joyful, too.

Mmm, hmm.
She’s awesome.
Yeah, yeah.

She’s awesome ’cause she knows about so many things.
Yeah, she’s the smartest kid in Saratoga Springs.
Reading, writing, Spanish, music, sports and history.
She’s curious about life’s every single mystery.

When Catherine plays piano, well, the crowd goes wild.
And Julie Andrews movies really make her smile.
On the baseball field she outshines any fella.
Need more proof she’s awesome? Ask her best friend Stella.

She’ll name you all the presidents right in a row
And tell you which guy on the Mets can really throw.
Which horses won the crown and how Picasso worked in blue.
She’s awesome ’cause she knows stuff and she’ll share it all with you.

Yeah, yeah.
She’s awesome.
Yeah, yeah.

But mostly she awesome
‘Cause to herself she’s true.
Want to be awesome, too?
Then that’s what you should do.

Awesome isn’t just about the stuff you know.
Awesome’s how you look at life and how you grow.
And Catherine has the awesomest heart you will find.
She always thinks of others and she’s really kind.

She’s got a lot of really different friends at school
And everyone who knows her thinks she’s really cool
And when it’s time for her to leave they really wish she’d stay.
She makes a difference to them every single day.

Want to be more like her? Then wake up and say,
“How can I make the world a better place today?
How can I make things special and make others happy too?
‘Cause awesome stuff won’t happen unless it starts with you.”

Mmm, hmm.
Be awesome.
Yeah, yeah.
She’s awesome.

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