How It Works

Imagine the creative high you’d get from writing your own original song, from scratch, in a single session, even if you have no experience creating music or lyrics, and even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before. With Songs By You, you can!

Three things come together to make it possible:

  • You! — There’s you first and foremost. Countless stories, images, feelings and thoughts are inside of you, ready to be turned into songs. Also within you is a lifetime of hearing song’s others have created. Even though you may not realize it, that means you have a lot of knowledge about how songs are put together. You just need a couple of other things to help it all come out.
  • A unique process — The innovative process of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), specially adapted for impromptu songwriting, guides the creation of your one-of-a-kind song. Whether on your own or collaborating as part of a group, and whether in person or by teleconference, an enjoyable interview draws out what is best and most meaningful for your song topic. Envisioning and designing the final work spurs further ideas and allows the final song to take shape.
  • A facilitator — With his talents and knowledge as an accomplished songwriter and improviser, founder Mark S. Meritt facilitates the turning of your ideas into original music and lyrics that capture the essence of your thoughts, your feelings, your story. His compositional ability is as varied as his vast performance repertoire of songs in styles from Ragtime to Rock and everything in between, allowing him to truly custom-tailor each song. He’s your coach and your collaborator, drawing out the songs that are hiding inside you.

The high-energy creativity and cooperation that pours out of Songs By You’s facilitated songwriting process makes for an utterly unique experience. You’ll be amazed at how, even with no background as a songwriter or musician, you can create great music and lyrics, with Mark contributing only as much as necessary to help flesh out your ideas.

The result: a brand new, one-of-a-kind, original song. A souvenir to enjoy and remember for a lifetime, the most amazing and unique gift you could give to yourself or someone else for any occasion, and the inspiring, creative experience of self-expression.

Get Your Song Started!