A Great Gift for Any Occasion

A Sensational Souvenir

An Inspiring Experience

There are songs inside of everyone.

Everyone. Even you.

Yes, you!

We help get them out — even if you’ve never written a song before — even if you’ve never played a musical instrument before. And we can do it in about the time it takes to watch a movie, and no matter where you are in the world.

Songs By You are great for all sorts of things:

  • The Most Unique Gift — personal, intimate expressions of love, loss and emotion make an extraordinary gift – make one for someone else, or give them the gift of making their own
  • Perfect for Celebrations and Milestones — births and birthdays; engagements, weddings and anniversaries; graduations, awards and honors; holidays; and any special occasions you can imagine
  • An Energizing Collaborative Experience — great for team-building or creating an anthem for your family, business, organization, church, team, club, school, class, troop, camp, party or any group you can think of
  • Authentic Self-Expression — ideal whether you’re a writer, a singer, in a band, or you simply have something you yearn to express
  • Productions and Events — develop original songs for theatrical productions, motion picture and video game soundtracks, special events, advertising jingles and more

Sure, there are other places you can go to have a song personalized based on your thoughts and feelings. Some will tweak an existing song — while we help you create something far more personal. Others will write a completely new song for you on commission — while we provide you with something far more affordable. And all those places do all the actual writing — while we draw out your own self-expression through original music and lyrics.

We call it facilitated songwriting. We’re part coach, part collaborator. Our musical midwifery makes it possible to get out the songs that you didn’t even know were inside of you.

Get Your Song Started!

Songs By You is part of Potluck Creative Arts’ Cooped-Up Creativity offerings that you can take advantage of by online video conference from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home!